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Dispersion triggers Instability at Sindragosa


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Dispersion should Not trigger Instability at Sindragosa ( for example there is 5 sec on instability debuff , so when you use dispersion 1 sec before that instability expire it should Not refresh new stack of it )


I am 100 % sure in that ( i run into many private servers that i " force " to fix that , every one of them decline that at the start but 5 months later they find motivation to fix it ) so please lets do not repeat that 5 months waiting :D


Any sources that i tried to find ( not because i need for my self , just in case u think "it is how it is suppose to be" ) :http://kamikazepenguins.com/wow/?page_id=51---> scroll down to sindragosa

If that " source " doesn't help you to believe me ,then the logic will. Because of the example i'm gonna give you now : Mage can dispel the instability stacks with Ice Block ( so

it we count that, the ice block as "spell" which should trigger instability same as the dispersion , then the ice block should dispel your 30 stacks of instability and at the same time it must give you 1 new instability stack , witch is silly by it self )


Sorry for giving silly examples ,but i do that because of my previous servers reports that the owners doesn't have any retail experience.

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