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Spell Queue System and Customized Spellqueuewindow


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Hola Ultimo Staff , Gringo is here! ( pliss No Bully ) I am actually here to suggest you guys to work on something , which will give to the players in Ultimowow way smoother and less laggy game-play. And once they hear about what you did it, will bring many new players from many different servers , even from far-far away. ( if you successfully implement this future it will place your server in one of the top private wotlk 3.3.5a servers with no doubt )

- Here is what i suggest : Implement a Spell Queue System together with server-side command which can allow the players to customized their spellqueuewindow between 1 ~ 400 ( lag tolerance ) give them a option to turn it OFF or ON for example .spellqueuewindow 0 to turn it OFF and also make sure the default spellqueuewindow is not constant 400ms ( if you cannot adjust the default spellqueuewindow to be Auto adjustment for every player , based on his specific ms , then you can leave it OFF as it is right now , but let us have server-side command which can enable and adjust the window based on each player preferences )


Sources: Here will show you a video recorded in a test realm with perfect working scenario of what we need and how it looks in real action with Spellqueuewindow values / variables :



And here I'll show you example how is in Ultimowow , example:

about the time Gap between casts when the server doesn't have spellqueue and player has higher than 100 ms ( note that if i have 10 ~ 20 ms i won't really bother if there is spellqueue system or Not , because if i have auto adjustment spellqueuewindow and i play with 10ms , the spell casting experience will be closest to the scenario where the i have disabled spellqueue system / OFF , but the problem with Not having spellqueue system become for players who plays with higher than 100ms ( which are most of the players ) So that's why implementing spell queue system will make possible new players to join your server , even if they are far away from the server host. And also even the players who currently playing in Ultimowow has even higher ms than 100 ~ 200 and above, they will feel much better if you guys implement that future!





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