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Taunt delay target "delayed reaction" ( realm benu )


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breakaheart-broken-heart-gif-9844035Hello and sorry for the Language ( but as i said 1 year ago [FONT=arial]Ultimowow[/FONT] is still the last possible and playable wotlk server which i prefer to play , even with the language barrier )

I did compline to [FONT=arial]Ryzuaki[/FONT] 7 ~ 8 months ago , and she did spent time with me in ICC just to confirm the issue with the " Delayed target reaction " when someone taunt it.

Now you guys can easy compare that with the new Ragnaros realm / Angrathar 2.0

[FONT=arial]My appeal to you guys is to implement that nicely working " instant target reaction after it been taunted " ( from Ragnaros to Benu )

The problem and the reason why i think , its good to be done , is the way how players are dying , just because of that delayed reaction after the target been taunted ( mdps even Rdps are still dying , even if the Tank is supper active player and reacts really instant / immediately after he lost aggro )

Many players accept it as issue nowadays , i hope this report and more like Appeal will get some positive support and feedback from the active players who agree , that issue to be looked into that "taunt delayed reaction " issue in the " icc realm : Benu "


P.S. there are good / better things in the new progressive " ragnaros realm " which can be smartly used and duplicated into the " Benu realm " ( or at least taken as idea " what could be improved ) ofc there are other things that will be , better to say as how they are working currently in Benu

i can give example for things that will looks better in ICC from Ragnaros realm and which part Not , because i was playing on that trinity core back in 2018 ~ 2019 year ( and pretty much i already know how the boss scripts will looks like ) Short example that you can test and and see " that i was already there " : Sindragosa in Ragnaros realm : Issue with the Tail smash , issue with the Unchained magic debuff , it has been triggered by using Dispersion , which is wrong ( this is just one specific example of : which things are worst than in Benu , at the same time the timers are in better sync than in Benu ) basically back to my opinion that there are good things that its good to be taken and implemented into the Benu.

Sorry for the long and specific English spelled opinion and vision of mine ( i can provide many other things based on my experience of 8 years wotlk 3.3.5a player ) P.S. can't wait Blizzard to let us play once again the best expansion - Lich King 3.3.5a :) wish you the best of luck ( i have nowhere to go , please don't bully me ) <3 https://tenor.com/view/breakaheart-broken-heart-gif-9844035 [/FONT]

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