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Lets find the safe Balance between Ragnaros and Bennu


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This is my short introduction:

Hello ( i type in English , but it doesn't mean that i am American or a toxic EU player coming here to troll "the noobs" etc and most important it doesn't mean that i am coming from " Glitchmane-Wa*mane server " )

I am here to suggest my help to anyone included anyone from the ultimowow staff who need anything related to the wotlk 3.3.5a from a truly blizzlike experienced player, who didn't start playing from Molten , but still played in the Oldest wotlk private server which was born 2009 and closed 2019 year and since then, i have been testing every single available private wotlk 3.3.5 ( which i tested for more than 1 year ) which was not good enough for my expectations i stop into Ultimowow at the start of 2020 and i am still here and i saw how many fixes ultimowow did with not many developers for the past 1 year. ( i was many times part of a " dying wotlk servers " and i know the most common mistakes and reasons for it , so i can tell that ultimowow is doing GREAT from that perspective!


Ok *Lets find the safe Balance between Ragnaros and Bennu* ( we all know and dont have a questions that you can easy " copy paste " most of the things from Ragnaros realm , related to the PVP , into Bennu and it will be a GREAT improvement for the PVP in Bennu )

BUT when it comes to the PVE , its not the same at all ,and there are many and very dangerous things that should be NEVER "copy pasted" from Ragnaros realm into the Bennu realm ( i can give a many specific examples in discord if the time comes someone to ask me )

AT THE SAME TIME there are few things that will fix many common issues in the PVE, if they are implemented from Ragnaros to Bennu - quick example is the " delayed reaction in Bennu, when someone lose the aggro from a mob and taunt it back, but the mob doesn't react immediately " (which i don't know the correct term to describe it)... more examples which are not going to increase the difficulties at all, in discord. ( examples that will only make the actual game-play smoother and players will enjoy and notice very easy, from the first time! )


Take it that way if want : let me share what i know , what is my perspective for the game and truly perspective from a player who love only wotlk 3.3.5 #forever ( you are doing nice job with the business and with the management as general so lets speak a bit about the game-play which also keeps some players like me into the *LAST-available - wotlk 3.3.5 server* #Ultimowow / makes sense to me. ) i don't wanna make this topic much complicated i have much to share , but it will happen more easy in discord and i don't wanna bother the ppl here with " Mucho texto " who care will contact with me in discord : Shadownib#5184 ( btw @Ryuzaki ¿do you wanna hear how good my Spanish become since the last year? )


I just wanna understand what are you planning to implement from Ragnaros realm , and help you to prevent some eventual drama between the community or in the worst case a " population lost "

#TRY to Keep the originality of Ultimowow , because its quite good , since i decided to play on it even with 130 ms ( there are really only a FEW things that should be fixed , without any GENERAL , HUGE , sooo noticeable " changing the game fixes " etc etc ) <3:rolleyes:

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