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Sidnragosa instability debuff wrong trigger table


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Hello, the issue is simple to explain : You get additional Instability stack at sindragosa , by using item cd such as [Engineering: Nitro Boosts]. That's a problem , because it should be triggered only by spells and nothing else. ( extra example why this is a problem : Because if you want to use nitro boosts in the last time , just to get out of the raid and explode , you have to wait extra 5 sec until you actually explode , which ruin the game-play. And the most important is that's not blizzlike. Proves how is in Ultimowow - https://imgur.com/a/1BkSAIg screenshots and short video , that shows before and after using the nitro boosts CD and the isntability buff stacks.


I hope you understand that this is a basic but important affecting the game-play issue , which must get some higher priority for Fix. <3

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