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acabo de probar en arenas duelos y BGs que el poder muerte y descomposicion de los Dk , saca a los rogue de sigilo asi tenga este un efecto de absorbcion de daño, como el escudo del sacerdote .

Segun wowwiki nos comenta del escudo del priest:

  • In PvP, this spell can be a huge boon to bestow on Rogues and Feral Druids. Any damage taken will unstealth a character. However, if you Power Word: Shield a Rogue, AoE damage that doesn't get through the shield is absorbed, which greatly increases the difficulty of finding a Rogue by laying down an AoE. Power Word: Shield will also absorb the damage from DoT's, allowing DoT'd Rogues to Vanish safely. Just know that if the AoE or DoT damage is greater than the shield will take, then the actual character will take damage and stealth will become undone.
  • http://www.wowwiki.com/Power_Word:_Shield#Tips_and_tactics
  • In PvP, this spell can be enormously helpful to Rogues and feral Druids: if they take any sort of damage (including AoE and DoT), they will be broken out of [stealth], which can expose them unexpectedly - and often fatally. Shielding a stealthed ally will protect them from these forms of damage, allowing them to jump out of stealth at their own leisure.
  • http://wowpedia.org/Power_Word:_Shield#Tips_and_tactics

Here is a list of abilities that should remove a rogue from stealth regardless of being shielded or not:

-Fan of Knives

-Arcane Explosion


-Flamestrike (the initial damage, not the AoE DoT component)


-Rain of Fire



-Howl of Terror


-Demoralizing Shout

-Piercing Howl

-Intimidating Shout




-Immolation Trap (the triggering of the trap, not the AoE DoT component it leaves)

-Holy Nova

-Psychic Scream

-Mind Sear

-Blood Boil

-Magma Totem

-Fire Nova


-Summoning Earthbind Totem when having the talent Storm, Earth and Fire



-Divine Storm

-Hammer of Righteous

-Avenger's Shield (not sure about this one)


Anything else, such as Consecration and Death and Decay should not remove stealth unless the shield breaks from damage, but should still give combat to both the Rogue and the Paladin/DK.




tambien tengo un video probando lo escrito aqui ,espero sea de ayuda para los desarrolladores y puedan arreglar este problema , ya que es muy importante para los picaros sobretodo en arenas.




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