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Just Sharing something that you may use to get something useful out of it


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For people with experience into that topic listen it watch it and get whatever ideas you can from it. Hopefully there is anything that u are interested about it.

Do you want to play vanilla, but hate the old buggy client? Hermes Proxy will solve your problems. You can think of it as a compatibility layer, that converts all packets to the appropriate format, allowing you to use the new Classic clients on legacy servers. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?qtm5zq21c0... Source: https://github.com/WowLegacyCore/Herm... Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2sgt...  those links are removed  but i think this is what he talks about : https://github.com/WowLegacyCore/HermesProxy/commit/4be2bae2960432a3d4f6cbf77c21b0f4856a64dd#diff-b335630551682c19a781afebcf4d07bf978fb1f8ac04c6bf87428ed5106870f5 rest of it must be taken from the video where he talks and shows , or just get his contacts for further communication.

Brutalnia is a Bulgarian guy firstly known as the guy who created the " Cheese procs addon " back in 2011 or so...    A door has been open for potential new project


( who knows , private servers may be on 64 bit platform soon )


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