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Arena en el Servidor


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Hola amigos,


Primero, voy a hablar en ingles y espero que no sea un problema.

If it's a problem, you can delete my post. The reason why is that Spanish is not my first language and I am not 100% comfortable speaking it, sorry about that.

I am quite new to the server and I am a PVP player. I want to know how is the PVP scene in this server. So far I have been playing BGs and could see that there is a lot of people there, even if most of them have no idea how to play specifics BGs xD.

But one thing that I am concerned about is ARENAS. I have queued for 2x2 several times and I cannot find a lot of fights there and when I do, it is almost all the time with the same two people against me. Do people even play Arena in this server or is it a dead thing? Can some provide more information about it?

I have queued for Arena in the weekends, when the population of the server hits 1500+ people at the same time. I am a little sad about this, since I am enjoying the server a lot and the community in general. But no arenas is kind of a deal breaker.



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  • Administrador

Hi @Neozera ,


The reason the arenas are not a hit or not as active is what this post says: https://foro.ultimowow.com/forum/ultimowow/noticias-e-informaci%C3%B3n/11444-temporada-de-arenas-de-prueba

Which in short says that the current testing season is for testing only and you can't get the best items.

Be patient, we will open season 8 soon and it will be official.


See you!

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  • Administrador

We do not give dates to avoid commitments that we cannot fulfill, we work as fast as we can considering that we do many other tasks.

But as with everything there are drawbacks or primary priorities, we are currently working on classes to get them in the best possible state before launch.

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